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The attentive care and fresh outlook of a boutique agency, mixed with the professional edge and go-getter spirit that big agencies rock.

Why you should consider choosing Unfolding Wings.

Work that works.

We are strategists with a vision and creatives with objectives. We love to create stunning work and aim for disruption, but we want to make sure your consumers take action and swing by again.

A diverse team to enrich processes.

Working with specialists from all walks of life isn’t for show — it just makes sense. Collaborating with a senior multicultural and multidisciplinary team enriches our processes by bringing diverse perspectives, unlocking new opportunities, fostering fresh ideas, and promoting open dialogue.

Solutions exclusively crafted for you.

We’re not about templates or one-size-fits-all methods. We’re flexible, very flexible. Because each project is unique, and so is each manager.

Ideas that travel.

Want to go global? Or local? We’re your business boosters. We’ve powered the growth of startups and big players across many categories, covering niche and mainstream markets. We’re ready to do the same for you. Go pack that brief(case) 😉

Find your legacy.

Beyond powering your business’ growth, your brand has something worth telling the world, and a potential to reshape it. Unlock your brand’s impactful qualities with us.


Brand Strategy

Elevate your brand’s success with a strategic (re)positioning that defines your brand identity and helps you communicate it in a meaningful way.

Go-to-market strategy

In any growth strategy, to start an activity or break into a new market, it’s essential to use all resources to deliver a unique value proposition to customers and achieve a competitive advantage.

Communication Strategy

Make your brand messaging stick with a framework that helps you tell a unique, consistent, cohesive brand and product/service story at every stage of the customer journey.

Consumer Intelligence

Insights, not just facts. People don’t always say what they think — we reveal hidden drivers to enhance business decisions. We translate real research discoveries into practical insights that help you manage your brand assets and optimise your investment.

Creative Activation

Creativity makes advertising 12x more effective. Creativity based on strategy increases sales and business results, and maximizes ROI. We coordinate and ensure all the necessary elements to carry out your projects and campaigns, both online and offline, and we find the way and production that best suits your needs. Creative activation for: Mass media: TV, OOH, Press, Digital Activation, Social media, Branded Content, Graphic Design.

Strategic innovation

Pipelines and strategic foresight: defining an innovative vision and role for brands and companies, from products, services, experiences and touchpoints, to create an innovation pipeline and explore new business opportunities (growth strategy).

Trainings and Inspiration Sessions

In-company sessions for marketing and communication departments with specific programs that reinforce your teams to make decisions and accelerate projects.