Holaluz is here to change the world, and make it 100% renewable.

Project Overview

Holaluz started as the first online electricity retailer, leading the green energy movement in Spain as energy experts, native green advocates, and with a strong desire to share and connect green energy with people.

How? By doing things differently and inspiring the world. An ambitious vision to change the world and achieve 100% renewable energy.







Brand strategy / Brand identity / Motion, print & icon design

The Challenge

Holaluz had a visual identity but was not managing to connect with the public. It needed to rethink its strategic approach and expand its visual system while updating its narrative to bring its brand values closer to its audience.


To work from the root: to redefine who and how the brand wanted to be.

The narrative of connecting people with a better world showed us the way to create a brand idea or a brand mantra powerful enough to start building from that point the new restyling of the visual identity and compete in one of the toughest markets: the electricity sector.


A visual system based on the defined brand values: aspirational, human, emotive & artful.

One of the main objectives of the branding project was to find an idea to help build Holaluz’s new visual system. We think of light as a conductor of energy and simultaneously imagine how that light passes through the things of this world.

This led us to develop a series of organic shapes that help us transmit the idea of light and energy, providing a unique graphic and visual resource to the identity. Holaluz’s colour range is vibrant and differentiates itself from the rest of the electricity companies in the country. These elements combined with it’s more humanistic and geometric typography helps create a unique visual world for Holaluz.

The visual brand system also has other components, such as photographic style, layout system, and iconography, that help create a visual universe with personality and distinctiveness.

*The images used aren’t the property of Unfolding Wings or Holaluz; they are just used as examples to show their identity.


A central piece of work for the company.

The Holaluz brand book reflects the brand strategy, narrative, and entire visual identity, with all the elements presented and explained. It also includes different offline applications such as company communication, apparel, and a fleet of vehicles, while also placing a significant focus on the company’s online presence.