Bringing the pharmaceutical and health sector a human touch

Project Overview

Communicating care in a way that cares

HARTMANN GROUP has been developing and implementing innovative product solutions to promote health, increase efficiencies and improve quality of life for almost 200 years. A purpose they’ve encapsulated with their tagline ‘Passion for better health care’.

As a group, they have developed great brands with great products, ranging from solutions aimed at professionals to products that focus on holistic care. The expert professionals at HARTMANN are passionate about health and are dedicated to enhancing people’s lives.

However, their communication and education regarding health have been done from a functional and rational approach. This significantly influences the way their brands connect with consumers: in a distant and disengaged manner. Ultimately, this prevents people from learning and taking action.







Creative idea / educational content / website


Speaking from experience, speaking to the heart

Our strategic approach across brands and projects:

  1. Establishing an emotional connection with the target audience: We went from talking about us (through product functionality) to talking about the consumer (through meaningful insights).
  2. Highlighting Hartmann’s expertise: we found ways to communicate Hartmann’s know-how in every brand in a way that appeals to specific audiences.
  3. Finding the best version of each and every brand and balancing brand-product communication


We worked for several HARTMANN brands dedicated to enhancing people’s well-being and health:

  • Kneipp, a natural cosmetics brand
  • Dansac, a brand focused on patients with Stoma
  • Veroval, a brand specialized in measuring voltage
  • MoliCare: a brand for incontinence pads, underwear and skincare
  • Cosmos, a band-aid brand

In addition to defining the communication strategy and the strategic-creative approach, we created content materials that educated on topics ranging from the benefits of self-care to proper wound healing. Information was delivered in an appealing and fresh style.


HL: Balance keeps you afloat
When your water levels are balanced out, swollen feet and fingers won’t bother you


01 HL: Feel good in your own skin again
02 HL: Make it go down easily


HL: This is NOT normal
A site for women who are not afraid to face life

Women are shy to talk about issues like incontinence. Understandably. But it should not be a tabu. It affects most women and sharing helps easy the stress. The campaign line intentionally works with the phrase used to stop people from talking about these topics.