How to launch a dating app in an industry of big players?

Project Overview

A distinctive unique selling proposition, a bit of bad perception and limited budget

There are many options on the market, mainly aimed at young people and sharing very similar personalities and value propositions.
That’s why Feely was born, a Spanish dating app start up company, with a unique selling proposition – flirt with contacts from your agenda in an anonymous way (until you match).

We faced 2 main challenges:

  • Value proposition was perceived as rather shady and as an invitation to cheat
  • Compared to big players like Tinder, we only had a limited budget for the launch – we needed to be different and explain it in a simple and sexy way, creating buzz.




Tech - Dating app


Brand strategy / Launch campaign


Welcome to the #fairplaydating era

We identified the insight that many young people actually have bad experience with dating apps, being ghosted, being shamed, receiving “dick pics” and so on. Meanwhile, the only thing they want is to find somebody for a relationship, and till then – have fun!

We transformed the shady perception of the APP through the territory of “play”. Talking about how with Feely you can have a good time (whatever that may mean for you) on the safe ground = and anonymity is helping with that. Therefore, the created brand idea was “FAIR PLAY”, using handshake as a symbol.

“To behave as you want, with the confidence you need. Have fun and browse until you find the love of your life, or one night. With Feely the game is fair.”


Nice to “whateveryou-want” you

We presented Feely in society with the “Nice to Feely you” campaign, in a fresh, simple and playful tone, pushing the recognition of yet unknown brand, with the main objective of getting people download the app.


Within the first months of the campaign we achieved excellent results in terms of the online metrics for the sector and stage of the company.

6.94% CTR

0.20% CPC

0.67% CPA

6.94% CTR

0.20% CPC

0.67% CPA