On standing out when you’re already top 1 and driving on the younger end of the road.

Project Overview

Leading in a category without differentiation poses a big challenge, as no brand value is perceived.

Recognising this, Carglass wanted to find a strategic approach to define its identity and elevate its ‘superior’ essence, thus revitalising and modernising the brand, and making it more appealing to younger target audiences.







Brand strategy /Brand book


When a brand’s personality is rebellious, superiority is easier to sell. Writing messages like “Not all brands are the same” or “We’re number 1 in our industry”, proudly proclaiming to be top of the tops, comes more naturally to brands with a more assertive tone of voice. Their bold nature allows them to create these types of bold messages.

The challenge is in presenting yourself as ‘number one’ when your brand is rooted in ‘The Regular Guy’ archetype, by a down-to-earth, kind and approachable nature.

Our solution

1. Evolving the brand’s value proposition

We encouraged Carglass to forge closer connections with people, tapping into their needs on a more emotional level. While maintaining its essence, anchored in leadership and experience, Carglass has evolved into a problem-solving brand.

What backs up this approach? Carglass’ experience and knowledge. Both traits are key in problem-solving — thanks to its level of expertise, the brand can easily provide effective solutions of the highest quality. When clients come to Carglass, they can find successful fixes to their needs and enjoy what really matters.

2. Crafting a tone of voice that embodies the essence of a leader while maintaining a sense of kindness

We had to define a tone of voice that would allow us to deliver statements of prominence with a mix of expertise, kindness and resolution.

There’s a difference between creating pure statements of superiority:

  • ‘We have all the car glass models of the market’ vs ‘If they don’t have the glass of your car model, it’s not Carglass’,

And creating bold messages highlighting service benefits offered by Carglass, such as its lifetime service guarantee:

  • ‘At Carglass, we don’t know if love is for life, but the guarantee of our repairs is.’

3. Visual alignment and consolidation of all brand elements comprehended into a Brand Book that ensures unity and coherence as the brand moves forward