How to reconnect with B2B leads overwhelmed by hundreds of monthly offers and business proposals

Project Overview

Having the best product is never enough. Communication is key to closing a deal.

Whalebone, a cybersecurity top-notch software for telco companies, wanted to reignite conversations between Whalebone sales reps and their lead contacts worldwide.

These are the challenges we faced:

  • Lead contacts are busy people and find sales representatives as annoying as the daily offers they receive. Plus, contacts had little knowledge of Whalebone so they didn’t stop to consider the brand’s proposal.
  • They believed that the market was not ready yet, that there was no demand for cybersecurity from consumers.
  • Being a young company, Whalebone does not receive the same level of attention nor have the same amount of influence as renowned players such as Cisco.




Tech - Cybersecurity sofware


Strategy / consumer intelligence / direct marketing


Play with the unexpected

To grab the attention of these individuals and reignite conversations, we needed to do something out of the ordinary. So, in a world where the primary form of communication is digital, we went for a tangible alternative: Gift Marketing Strategy (Direct Marketing).

Paradoxically, this method can be more surprising, innovative and capable of generating the impact and attention needed. Plus, Gift Marketing Strategy helps overcome the “I don’t know the company” barrier people may have, as it’s delivered before any interaction with a sales representative.


You are more fragile than you think

In our efforts to address the challenges we encountered within the target audience, we chose to stir their curiosity with an unexpected gift. A gift designed to help B2B leads recognise how vulnerable their customers feel online and highlight the relevance of Whalebone’s product.

We sent potential clients a hard-not-to-open gift that even bypassed the secretary’s mail filtering system: a smartphone presented in an Apple-like box. But there was a twist: the phone was made of glass. Recipients received what appeared to be a real smartphone in its box, only to discover a beautiful and memorable gift with the message “Without cyber protection, your customers’ devices are this fragile. Protect them with Whalebone Aura”.


Great performance!

Using Gift Marketing Strategy ensured that contacts opened the gift, creating a significant impact on our target audience. It also served as a lasting reminder, remaining on the desk as a decorative object for sales reps to follow up on their leads.

With this approach, we achieved the following results:

Within the first months of the campaign we achieved excellent results in terms of the online metrics for the sector and stage of the company.

65 leads contacted

48 renewed conversations

03 negotiations started

65 leads contacted

48 renewed conversations

03 negotiations started