A true branding story

Project Overview

Saffee entered the market as a new brand with derma-cosmetic products but needed a clear identity. With only the inherited name, quality products, and solid target insights, our mission was to establish the brand’s positioning, visual identity, and launch concept that would make Saffee a notable player in the derma-skincare field.







Brand strategy / Brand identity

The Challenge

We faced competition from established giants like Avene, La Roche-Posay, and Bioderma, in a landscape where consumers are increasingly savvy about skincare ingredients, effects, and prices, and are tired of repetitive promises.


We saw an opportunity in the transparency trend. By crafting a compelling story around being ‘True’ in every aspect, we aimed to resonate with the discerning ‘skintellectual’ consumer and establish Saffee on the specialized derma-skincare map.


Visual Identity

Our strategy needed to be visually reflected, embodying Saffee’s philosophy and new territory. This led to the creation of a visual universe that symbolises our way of being, the result of using our products and how our consumer feels.

Launch Campaign

We developed the launch campaign under the brand claim “Nothing to hide,” reinforcing the SAFFEE’S mission: true derma skin care is not about covering up flaws, it is about embracing your uniqueness and feeling confident and radiant in your skin.
Because when you have healthy skin, you don’t need anything to cover it up.